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Stretch Mark Prevention / Treatment of Stretch Marks

Belly Butter Great Mother's Goods Original Belly Butter® - Reduce the visual effect of existing marks & scars. Stops itching. All natural herbal dry skin care.

A luscious salve of select botanicals known for their synergistic effects of relaxing, nourishing, and rebuilding skin tissue and collagen strands. Effective in stretch mark prevention and the treatment of stretch marks.


Who gets Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are not just limited to pregnant women, however they do occur in 85-90% of pregnancies. Pregnancy stretch marks usually develop during the third trimester, sometimes earlier. They also can develop during or after an adolescent growth spurt; after an individual experiences a weight gain or loss; during weight training and exercise programs; during or after an illness, infection or disease; during or after the use of a prescribed pharmaceutical; and in some cases for no known reason. Stretch marks effect both men, and women of all ages, sizes, ethnic background and race. They do not discriminate!!

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Skin is the body's largest organ, made of three layers. Stretch marks occur in the middle layer, called the dermis. The dermis is the skin's elastic layer, fortified with fibers known as collagen and elastins that allow the skin to stretch and snap back into shape. When the skin is continuously stretched over a long period of time, its elasticity breaks down, like old clothes that have lost their shape. The skin tries to reinforce itself by increasing the amount of collagen in the over stretched tissue, resulting in the scars we call stretch marks.

Where Do Stretch Marks Appear and What Do They Look Like?

The most common sites for stretch marks are the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, breasts, and arms. However, stretch marks can actually be found anywhere on the skin. They usually begin as purplish or reddish marks that fade to shallow gray or white scars, however some individuals report their marks begin gray or white and change to purplish red. There are no rules for stretch marks since all skin types are different and do not age or heal in the same exact manner.

Treatment of stretch marks?

Various theories exist and will probably always exist, suggesting this issue is open for debate. Some health professionals suggest stretch marks are genetic, however these same health professionals suggest that using the proper moisturizer to massage the stretched areas does nourish the skin and help the marks fade. As more health professionals accept natural remedies for treatment, the more you hear Great Mother's Goods products recommended as an alternative method to more costly chemical or surgical treatments.

Will diet help in the prevention of stretch marks?

Diet may play a role in preventing or encouraging stretch marks. A healthy diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, wheat, and greens is encouraged. One of the best-known pioneer nutritionists, Adelle Davis, offered this information in her book, Let's Get Well... "A friend who developed severe stretch marks during her first pregnancy stayed on an unusually adequate high-protein diet supplemented with 600 units of Vitamin E and 300 milligrams of panthothenic acid daily throughout a subsequent pregnancy.*Although she gave birth to full term twins, the stretch marks from the first pregnancy completely disappeared and none formed during her second." (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc p.130)

Great Mother’s Goods does not recommend or condone specific diets during pregnancy. Please consult your healthcare practitioner.

We at Great Mother's Goods believe that eating a healthy diet and using our all-natural salve made specifically for nourishing skin tissue will increase the chance of reducing the severity of stretch marks, if not preventing them all together.

Great Mother's Belly Butter® and Vital Body Butter® is a luscious salve made especially for pregnant women…to pamper their stretching, itching skin. It is useful and effective for a whole lot more.

92% of the women who used Great Mother's Belly Butter® during pregnancy, and responded to our survey, did not get stretch marks, and they say it was the only solution for their excessive itching.

78% of users treating already existing marks, and responded to our survey, experienced a significant improvement in an average of 8 weeks of daily use, primarily fading, blending and smoothing the scars to the surrounding skin tissue.

Enjoy your purchase of our luscious body salve. Use Great Mother's Belly Butter® and Vital Body Butter® as often as you like. Use a small amount and massage into any external area of the body. Recommended for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Also effective for scars, minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, rash, skin inflammation and puffiness, itchy skin, psoriasis and eczema. Use as a hand and foot balm, a nightly face and neck moisturizer, nail and cuticle aid. Also effective against wrinkles and crows feet and reduce the effect of existing skin lines.

The herbs chosen for our formula are known for their synergistic effects of relaxing, nourishing, and rebuilding skin tissue and collagen strands. These select botanicals are steeped in oils used classically for healthy skin. The oil infusions are then combined with cocoa butter, a traditional favorite of pregnant women. The resulting salve is an enhanced and softened cocoa butter full of the herbal constituents that nourish skin, help rebuild collagen strands, and aid in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Cocoa Butter gives form to the oils, making this salve easy to use.

Great Mother's Belly Butter® Formula Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Calendula, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root, Hawthorn Berry, White Oak Bark, Red Raspberry Leaf, Passion Flower, Vitamin E (from wheat germ oil), and pure essential oil of lavender, sweet orange and vanilla.

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