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Can one skin salve really be good for so many skin issues?

In a word, YES!

Body Butter

Great Mother's Goods Vital Body Butter®


Great Mother's Goods Original Belly Butter® (aka Vital Body Butter®) helps prevent stretch marks and reduces the visual effect of existing stretch marks & scars. Stops itching from PUPPS rash & dry skin. All natural herbal dry skin care. Belly Butter

Great Mother's Goods Original Belly Butter®



Great Mother's Goods Belly Butter® (aka Vital Body Butter®) lends itself to help a great many skin issues including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Stretch mark prevention...
  • Treatment for stretch marks ...
  • PUPPS rash ...
  • Reduce the visual effect of existing stretch marks...
  • Reduce the visual effect of scars & keloid formations...
  • Soothe dry rash skin...
  • Reduce itching and skin conditions found with psoriasis, eczema, shingles and lupus...
  • Minor burns, sunburn, windburn; helps with the avoidance of skin blistering and flaking...
  • Helps heal wounds, cuts, bruises, and scrapes...
  • Diaper rash - better than the leading commercial product...
  • Shaving or razor rash...
  • Reduce itching and scaly dry skin patches from radiation therapy...
  • Diminish the appearance or delay the onset of wrinkles caused by age and environmental conditions...
  • Shorten the duration and reduce the intensity of Herpes Simplex II outbreaks...
  • Provide relief from skin symptoms of CTCL-MF...
  • Hand, nail & body moisturizer...smoothes the skin when used daily as a skin moisturizer...
  • Soothes cracked dry feet & nails...foot balm...
  • Relief of dry, chap itchy skin...
  • Reduce the appearance of crows feet and wrinkles...
  • Relief of hemorrhoids and soothe rectal irritation...
  • And many other common skin issues...


Use your imagination! If you have skin, try Great Mother's Belly Butter (aka Vital Body Butter) on whatever skin issues concern you. Odds are it will improve the condition.

It wasn't planned that way. Originally, Great Mother's Belly Butter (aka Vital Body Butter) was developed by a pregnant herbalist many years ago to prevent her from getting stretch marks and to alleviate the accompanying incessant itching. It worked! No stretch marks and a comfortable pregnancy. She started making it for a few friends and now it is sold worldwide.

The other uses for our Belly Butter have been either traditional uses of the herbs which make up the formula or uses discovered by our customers who have experimented with great success in finding new applications for our "butter salves". In fact, it appears that Great Mother's Belly Butter/Vital Body Butter is quickly becoming one of those all purpose skin care items we all depend upon.

Why? Very simple! The herbal extractions and botanical oils used in our formula have been used for centuries to aid with skin issues. The same issues that concerned us three thousand years ago, concern us today, and will probably concern us well into the future. These herbs have been tested over the centuries, by various cultures, and found effective for a variety of skin issues. Great Mother's Goods formulated the tried and true into a combination that creates a synergistic salve that is more effective than the already powerful individual components that make the product.

Calendula reigns supreme in soothing sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions. It contains natural anti-inflammatories and antivirals and stimulates the body's immune system. Compounds in calendula increase the granulation at the site of a wound helping to grow new healthy cells and increasing the number of micro blood vessels. It is a common herbal treatment for wounds, burns, cuts, bruises and strains. ·

Comfrey called the "Healing Herb" contains allantoin (especially the root) which is why it has been so successful throughout the ages in healing wounds, sores, burns, swollen tissue and broken bones. Comfrey has been used for centuries for skin problems, bruises, dislocations, and sprains. It aids tissue healing and the knitting of tissues cut during surgery or torn from injury. It promotes the growth of healthy cells, diminishes skin growths, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Marshmallow Root was considered a cure-all by the ancient Greeks. This herb has a very high mucilage content providing excellent demulcent and emollient properties. These properties effectively reduce pain and are very soothing and softening to irritated skin tissue and membranes from burns, abrasions, bruises, sprains, muscle aches, scrapes, chafing, dry chap, itchy skin and other irritations. Relieves mild inflammations.

Passion Flower is considered nature's tranqilizer. This herb acts as a natural calming agent to sooth nerves and relieve nervous tension, allay anxiety, and reduce muscle spasms.

Red Raspberry Leaf contains citric acid, pectin, silicon, vitamins C and D, and high concentrations of tannins that provide its astringent effect. It has been shown to have antiviral and antifungal properties. Promotes healthy skin and nails, and relaxes muscle tissue.

White Oak Bark exerts an astringent and mild antiseptic action, and has anti-inflammatory properties. The tannins protect injured tissues by precipitating their proteins to form a protective coat under which the regeneration of new tissue can take place. Used for common skin ailments: burns, abrasions, sores, wounds, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, etc.

Olive Oil, rich in vitamin E, is known as a demulcent, emollient and soothing to mucous membranes. Effective with external use for burns, bruises, insect bites, sprains and intense itching. Used as a base in liniments and salves, it enhances and promotes skin healing and aids in damaged tissue repair. Olive oil is very similar to the skins own sebum.

Lavender has definite spasmolytic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and carminative properties. It stimulates and promotes the growth of skin cells, and healing, helps reduce scarring and stimulates the nervous system and brings about the feeling of calm.

Now, the question is why does this one product work, and work effectively, on so many different skin ailments with differing causes. Simple!


We all have it! In fact, it is the largest organ of the human body. It functions as a protective wrapping. Along with a layer of fat underneath, it insulates you against all kinds of bumps, bangs and wear and tear. It keeps germs and water out (unless you have a break in your skin) and keeps your body's fluids and salts in. Skin manufactures waxes and oils that act as your body's natural waterproofer, moisturizer and a protector against germs. They make your skin softer.

The skin is made up of three layers, the epidermis (thin outer layer), the dermis (the middle layer) and the inner layer of subcutaneous fat.

The epidermis has three principal functions:
  • protecting the body from the environment, particularly the sun
  • preventing excessive water loss from the body
  • protecting the body from infection.
The middle layer, the dermis, is much thicker than the epidermis and is composed largely of the protein collagen organized in bundles running horizontally through the dermis. Collagen is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin. As we age, this elasticity diminishes and our skin sags and wrinkles. The collagen bundles are held together by elastic fibres running through the dermis. These are made of a protein called elastin, and make up less than 5% of the weight of the dermis. Despite their name, they are not involved in the natural elasticity of the skin. As skin gets older, it loses some of its elasticity and ability to retain water. Collagen production declines as does subcutaneous fat, and the facial muscles start to atrophy. Great Mothers Belly Butter/Vital Body Butter promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen to help counteract the effects of aging.

Hyaluronic Acid is another important substance that forms part of the tissue that surrounds the collagen and elastin fibres. It has the ability to attract and bind hundreds of times its weight in water. In this way it acts as a natural moisturizing ingredient responsible for the skin's plumpness and moisture reserve. As we get older the amount of hyaluronic acid produced in the skin naturally gets less. This is one reason why aging skin becomes less resilient and supple (pliable).

The repair of a very narrow wound is relatively simple. But in large wounds the resulting repair is never perfect. Granulation tissue forms: this is a mixture of tiny blood vessels and fibroblasts frantically making collagen. This tissue eventually forms the scar: the greater the area to be covered, the larger will be the scar. Sometimes the skin cells go on working at the repair process for much longer than necessary, so that far too much scar tissue is formed. If the skin is seriously over-stretched, whether by too much fat or by pregnancy, the deep collagen fibres may actually rupture. This results in deep scars, which are seen through the intact epidermis as 'stretch marks'. Taking high doses of steroids for too long may have a similar result, as the collagen withers away (atrophies) under the influence of these drugs. Sometimes the skin cells go on working at the repair process for much longer than necessary, so that far too much scar tissue is formed. This produces a permanent raised scar called a keloid. Keloids are common with certain types of skin, particularly in young people and those from an African background. Belly Butter/ Vital Body Butter effectively address the conditions of stretch marks, scar tissue, and keloids.

Dryness is a significant problem associated with mature skin as hydration ability progressively decreases and the skin's mechanical properties deteriorate, with loss of suppleness and flexibility. This too can be counteracted by a daily or twice daily application of Belly Butter/ Vital Body Butter to the face, hands or feet. Wherever your skin is dry and requires a moisturizer to hold in your body's moisture.

About 15-20% of the population have the genetic ability to develop eczema. This figure has risen considerably in the last few decades. Eczematous skin requires constant moisturizing. Seal in your moisture and sooth your skin while addressing the condition with the herbs contained in Great Mother's Belly Butter/ Vital Body Butter. [Eczema]

In several surveys, up to 70% of women said they thought they had 'sensitive skin'. Sensitive skin was made for Great Mother's Belly Butter/ Vital Body Butter. Or is it the other way around.

Great Mother’s Goods products are safe and effective for men, women, adolescents, and children, old and young. Anyone who has skin.

Stretch Marks

Studies indicate that about 85% of pregnant women develop stretch marks, usually during the third trimester of pregnancy. Stretch marks are equal opportunity; men, women, and children of all races, creeds, sizes and colors can get them. Adolescents during growth spurts; athletes who practice strenuous, repetitive exercises, such as body building; and individuals with excessive amounts of weight gain or loss; are but a few. Stretch marks occur in the skin's middle layer, the dermis, an elastic layer fortified with protein fibers called collagen and elastin, which allow the skin to stretch and snap back into shape. When stretched excessively over a prolonged period of time, the elasticity begins to break down. The skin tries to reinforce itself by increasing the amounts of collagen in the overstretched tissue, overcompensates, and we have scars lovingly called stretch marks.
  • Great Mother’s Goods Belly Butter® and Vital Body Butter® were designed to aid in the avoidance of stretch marks as well as address the issue of existing stretch marks.
  • 92% of the women who used this product during pregnancy, and responded to our survey, did not get stretch marks, and they say it was the only product that effectively reduced their itching.
  • 78% of those that used our product for existing marks, and responded to our survey, reported improvement in an average of 8 weeks of daily use, primarily fading, blending and smoothing the scars to the surrounding tissue.
Scars: A scars appearance will depend on its color, texture, depth, length, width or location. How a scar forms will also be affected by an individual's age and the location on the body. Younger skin makes strong repairs and tends to over-heal, resulting in larger, thicker scars than older skin. Although scar tissue is healthy tissue it can be improved upon by fading, blending and smoothing to the surrounding tissue. Scars can never be completely erased; the skin will not magically return to its uninjured appearance; but it can be effectively camouflaged over time by blending to the surrounding tissue with daily applications of Great Mother's Belly Butter/ Vital Body Butter.

Herpes: Those individuals who are subjected to periodic Herpes Simplex II outbreaks have reported that Great Mother's Belly Butter® and Vital Body Butter® when applied to the affected area at the first indication of an outbreak, and repeated applications twice daily, realized a shortened duration and a reduction in the intensity of the outbreak.

Wrinkles: Aging skin concerns a great many people. Mature skin is skin over 25 years. Over half the blood supply of the body goes to the skin, which is composed of 50-75% water. The middle layer or dermis is composed of 70% collagen fibers that are responsible for giving strength, form and stability to the skin; and elastin fibers that are flexible and resilient. Together, they keep the skin toned, firm and unwrinkled. Age diminishes their strength and elasticity causing wrinkles and sags. Aging of the skin, wrinkles, is not the fault of time. It is the fault of oxidation. This cell damaging process is caused by highly reactive molecular fragments known as free radicals. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, air pollution and natural metabolic processes that the body uses to convert food into energy all create free radicals. Diet and exercise have a positive affect of reducing free radicals, also avoidance of irritating cosmetics will help. However, it is impossible to totally eliminate the creation of skin damaging free radicals.

You can minimize or reduce the effect of wrinkling by using Great Mother’s Belly Butter® and Vital Body Butter® which contain moisturizers to slow the rate of the skins water evaporation and decrease flakiness, dryness and wrinkles; as well as natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antihistamines to heal and soothe stressed, aged or sun damaged skin. The complex botanical components available in the herbs chosen for these salves lend themselves to relaxing, nourishing and rebuilding skin tissue, collagen strands and elastin to give your skin that soft youthful look and feel. [more on aging and anti aging products]

NOTE: Please note that all skin types are different. Some skin types heal and react quickly with the use of our product and others take longer. We urge patience when treating existing scars and stretch marks. Wrinkles due to age will take considerable time to remove and require daily diligence.

If discomfort, rash, or an allergic reaction occurs during use of this or any product, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY.

*** We at Great Mother’s Goods believe that eating a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise, drinking lots of water, using a good sunscreen, maintaining a reasonable lifestyle and using an all-natural salve made specifically for nourishing skin tissue will increase the chance of reducing the severity of stretch marks, scarring and wrinkling and other skin conditions, if not preventing or delaying their onset totally.

*** Great Mother’s Goods does not recommend or condone any specific diets during pregnancy or at other times. Please consult your healthcare provider.

*** Great Mother’s Goods products are recommended by OB/GYN physicians, Lamaze Instructors, Midwives/ Doulas, Fitness Instructors, and Plastic Surgeons.

*** Great Mother’s Goods products are 100% Organic or Wild-crafted and contain no preservatives. Our products are never tested on animals and we use no animal ingredients. Also no petroleum byproducts or alcohol.

*** Help! I melted my Butter!
Great Mother's Goods Butters are designed to melt at body temperature. This enhances their ability to be applied evenly to the skin as well as with absorption into the skin. It is possible that your Butter will melt in the jar during the summer months as a result of high temperatures in some parts of the world, or you might leave it in the car, etc. You can easily solidify your Butter by reducing its temperature. This can be accomplished with a refrigerator or air conditioning. It is suggested you periodically shake the melted Butter or stir during this resolidification process. The color will be a darker greenish shade as a result of complete melting. This is normal and does not affect the product.

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