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I had twins, and no marks. Your products are great!
- Julia, New Jersey

I ordered this two weeks ago in a desperate attempt to stop the itching of the dreaded PUPPS rash. I was 12 weeks postpartum and miserable. I developed the rash 6 weeks after the baby was delivered) Nothing worked!! I tried everything- Sarna lotion, Curel, Lubriderm, Basis soap, Olive oil soap, Oral Steroids, 3 different prescription steroid creams, prescription strength hydrocortizone etc. etc. Your product works! Not only did it relieve the itching, I think it is actually healing the rash! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
- Laura

best forex robotMy sister got me your butter and I need more. Love the stuff and it works!
- Robin, Florida

I am ordering your oil for my Dad. I think your products rock and wanting to share them with as many people as I can. Thanks for making such great products.
- Lori, Indiana

No marks and in my last month.
- Stacy, California

Your New Product, the Hand and Body Rub works like a miracle.
My skin looks and feels great. The difference was instant with the first use. Thank you!
- R.M. Product Tester, New York

I used your product during my first pregnancy and pregnant again. I need it ASAP. Hurry!
- Debra, Florida

Your butter has been recommended to me for bruises. Please send me a 4 oz. size.
- Jennifer, New Jersey

Please let me know when you will be running any specials. Your Body Butter and soap are great and I want to buy more.
- Layla, New York

I love your butter and it certainly helps my many skin irritations. I will continue to use it and thank you for making such nice natural products.
- Cynthia, California

I am pregnant with twins and have not gotten one mark yet (fingers crossed). The Butter and Oil are great!
- Cindy, California

My Wife's skin is very dry because of her cancer. Since using your butter, her skin is in better shape than it has been in a long time. We will continue using and thank you for your suggestions. We apply your butter over her entire body, from neck to just below her knees. Since it works for her, I am willing to use whatever it takes to make her comfortable. My wife has suffered from this cancer for over five years now. You don't know how thankful I am that we found your product and that it helps her.
- Henry, California
My father has cancer and your product is very soothing to his skin. Thank you.
- Kathy, Nevada

I love your stuff and using the butter for stretch marks I developed during my growth spurt.
- Norma, Massachusetts

I have been testing your new product the Hand and Body Rub and have rated it A+++++. This product really works on the first try. I work with my hands all day and had very rough callous skin until now. I recommend this product totally to everyone!
- B. G. Product Tester - New York

Your butter is so good. I am pregnant and it has helped me with a bad rash
and my marks and itching. I am telling all my friends about this great stuff. Thank you!
- Miyuki, Mississippi

A gift to my friend, please enclose." I have heard/read that these products
are wonderful for all the fun you are having and post pregnancy stuff, too. Happy Holidays!!
- Laurie, California

My sister gave me a sample of your butter and I want four more jars. I highly recommend.
- Jacqueline, California

A friend of mind let me try some of her butter and I love it!
- Katherine, California

Your calendula soap is perfect. It is pure calendula soap and does wonders for my itchy, dry skin here in Maryland. I will be ordering the soap from you in the future and hope you stay in business!
- Rose, Maryland

Please confirm my order. This is my second order, as I really like your products and will continue to purchase them!
- Nauren, China

Please enclose the following note in my gift: Trac- I used this stuff with both pregnancies and loved it! I hope it helps with the itches and your stretch marks??!! Love,
- Shel, Pennsylvania

My daughter gave me a sample of your butter and I love it. Please send me 6 more.
- Claudia, New York

Your butter and butter soap has been helping with my Pupps Syndrome. I have been using it for just a few short weeks and it has cleared my bumps and rash from the pupps and definitely helps my growing belly! Thanks
- Tiffany, New Jersey

I just placed and order for your Vital Body Butter and the Body Butter soap. I LOVE this butter product. It has allowed me to stop cortisone on the eczema on my hands! I just read about how it helps wrinkles and I will be trying that next! I waited too long to order…I am almost out…please hurry….Your new customer for life.
- Michelle, Colorado

Your Herbal Soaps are the best. I have tired them all! They are far superior to other brands. I am impressed with your bath products….actually, all your products. They work!
- Mariah, Canada
For once there is an honest company who stands behind their products with a great guarantee policy. I have been using most of your line for almost ten years and my skin is in great shape! I attribute my youthful skin to your products. I am a hard to please and have sensitive skin, but your products are the best! I have nothing to complain about and just want you to know you have a very appreciative customer forever!
- Irene, New York

I love your soaps. They leave my skin soft, smooth and less itchy.
- Erma, Wisconsin

The Vital Body Butter soothes my eczema. Nothing else works and I tried everything! I thank my daughter for telling me about your company.
- Betty, Massachusetts

Your Butter has helped with lesions and itching I have from my Abdominal Cancer.
- Florence, Florida

Love all your products. Please send me 2 (4) oz. Belly Butters.
- Nicole, Washington

I am so please to see that ya'll are still providing your great products!!! I have used the Sitz Bath with my last two babies and am placing another order anticipating the birth of our next baby. I have given your products as gifts in the past as well….everyone loved them! Thanks!! Blessings,
- Kellie, Virginia

I love your products and want to send some to my Grandmother and Aunt. They tried them when they were visiting and fell in love with them too. Please send them each some baby oil and butter and more of the same to me. I noticed a difference in just 3 days! Just love that!
- Sheri, California

I cannot believe how well your products work. I love them! It literally cleared my 7-year-old very bad boils on my leg. The butter completely healed 22 of these nasty looking things. My doctor is amazed! I am very grateful for this product. It is a must have.
- Lori, South Carolina

I am a lucky product tester very satisfied with the Hand and Body Rub! I have tested it everywhere including my face, neck, feet, hands…you name it….THIS WORKS!
- R.C., Colorado 
Please tell your customers that this butter DOES work on very old marks. I have had them for 12 years and it has helped more than anything! I am very pleased
- Jan, Florida

I have light English skin and your product is fading them from my weight training
- Russ, Massachusetts

Your herbal baths are wonderful and do what they say they do. My baby loves the Heavenly Baby Bath and it helps his dry skin. I use all your Baby Products on him and all the others for me. My husband won't use any other soap, now that I got him trying yours. You do a wonderful job.
- Cassie, Arizona

I love your products esp. the butter and oil. I am an Aquatics Instructor and the oil has been the best ever to use after swimming. I keep it by the pool to use during classes. I recommend it to by students and they love it after swimming since it stops itchy skin from chlorine. It is very healing for rashes and I use the butter on my face to replace the proper oil balance after being in the water all the time.
- Myrna, Oregon

I have very sensitive skin and so do my sisters. Your products work great and are not irritating. We all find that your Baby Oil is great for acne scars and rash. We love it! Thank you.
- Missy, Pennsylvania

I like your butter and so does my husband! Works great on our skin problems.
- Cynthia, California

I am a tester for your new products and rated your Hand and Body Rub a 10+! Your customers will absolutely love this. My skin has never felt or looked better. I hope to test the next new product!
- D.M., New York

Your products are great. I have used them all and love the Bath Salts, Butter, soap…all of it. I am a dance instructor and will share with my class so please enclose lots of brochures. Thanks.
- Nanette, Idaho

I send every friend who becomes pregnant your Belly Butter and they all love
me more for it!
- Nichole, California

I am using your butter on a bad chemical burn and wow.. it's working great!
- Kennedy, New York

Your Sitz Bath is so soothing and simple to use. I appreciate the comfort it brings.
- Nina, Georgia

My daughter uses your products in Manila and she has been praising them. I must order.
- Pedro, New York

Your products have been a hit with my European friends. They swear by your butter.
- Maria, Italy

After using your products I am anxious to begin distributorship. They would sell very well in my region. My friends and family agree. Please let me know how to proceed.
- Dianna, Philippines


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